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Hey there! I'm Kali! I'm so excited you're here! Adversity Blooming Adventures has been a dream of mine for some time now. I love all things Disney and it makes my heart explode whenever I get to share that with others! My dad started taking me on vacations to Walt Disney World when I was 5 and we visited yearly after that. Time after time, it was magical beyond all belief and brought so much joy to my heart. It was the one place I could never get enough of. When I met my husband, I actually said to him 5 days after our first date, "If you're really serious about this, you'll go to Disney with me and see how real the obsession is!" The next day we were there, a few months later we were engaged at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and a few months after that we were married at the Swan & Dolphin Resort. And after our son was born a few months later? His first trip was for a weekend getaway to the Caribbean Beach Resort. So, you could say our family has Disney in our veins!

For the last few years we lived that military life and it allowed me to meet so many different people. Through chatting, I heard people talking about things they missed out on, or didn't know about, or wish they'd done when they visited Walt Disney World. And that's when I finally realized... not everyone has been 50 + times and knows all the short cuts, the best places to dine/stay, or the can't miss activities over the ones that are okay to bypass. So we ended up here, a little space where I can share my tips + tricks + updates to help make your family's trip to WDW as incredible and relaxed as it should be! Because traveling with littles isn't always easy, but if you do it right, it's so dang magical!!!

Mulan - "The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all." 

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