What to Pack for a Visit to Disney

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I'm so excited to share this post with you all because packing for an extended stay at Disney can seem a bit overwhelming! It's taken me lots of trips, and pacing, and lists, and sitting at the park wishing I'd brought this or that to finally get it just right. I'm sure there are things here and there I may add but when we went on this last trip there was nothing I ended up needing that I hadn't brought along. So I really hope this helps some of you and relieves a bit of stress when planning your vacation!



- 1 shirt (or dress) / days of stay plus a few extra for back up

- 1 pair of short (or jeans depending on the season) / days of stay (exclude the days you're planning dresses)

- undies and socks / days of stay plus a few extra

- all bras (just keeping it real because I've forgotten strapless when I've needed it on prior trips!)

- 3 pairs of shoes (bring some you can reuse so you don't fill suitcases with too many)

- water shoes (for the pool and water breaks at the park)

- swim suit (no need for towels, grab them at your resort)


- jammies / days of stay since you'll want extra the last day of travel instead of digging when you get home

- floatie for the pool (if you little isn't swimming yet)

- a favorite stuffed animal for littles to sleep with (Disney is amazing but they are away form their own bed)

- make up (plus an mini bag to take basics to refresh at the parks)

- contacts, contact solution, glasses

- all bathroom items - shampoo, conditioner, (can use Disney's body soap so skip that),  razor, shaving cream, after-shave for the guys, face wash items, body lotion, hair spray, dry shampoo, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste,  hair brush, q tips, cotton balls, deodorant (and be sure to take in your bag to the parks - you'll thank me later)

- hair items - curler, straightener, elastics, bobby pins, etc

- first-aid - tweezers, safety pins, band-aids, triple antibiotic, baby powder (your thighs will thank you), basic cold / cough medicine in case someone starts getting sick

- camera, charger, back up memory card if yours doesn't hold a lot

- same as above if you're bringing a video camera

- water spray bottle & batteries (you can purchase in the parks or find on amazon here)

- busy bag for littles while waiting in lines / for buses

- backpack ( this bag is may favorite for both park necessities & the busy bag inside so I'm only carrying 1 bag instead of 2 - trust me I've made that mistake too many times)

- for the backpack - water bottle, electrolyte mix  (these are my fave), tissues, wipes, sunglasses, eye drops, lip balm, make up for touch ups

- wallet (this is optional, we just linked our card to our magic band so we didn't have to bring this and only needed to bring our id's in the park, but you'll need the whole wallet when traveling to Disney)

- wet bag (for storing swimsuits when you're done in the water at the parks)

- Disney ears / hats if you already have some

- sunscreen

- rain boots

- rain ponchos  (you can purchase in the parks or find on amazon here )

- light cardigan (for early mornings at rope drop and late nights at fireworks)

- heavy jackets if visiting during the winter (it can randomly get in the 20s in Florida)

You may notice that you're baaaasically packing for all of the seasons, and that's true with Florida- haha! The early mornings and late evenings can be chilly, you could end up with random rain showers throughout the day, or you could end up melting from the heat. My best advice is to pack the list above and then check the forecast daily to know wheat to actually take to the parks with you (for example, we didn't take the rain ponchos on the days with 0% rain). I hope all of this removes some of the guess work for you & allows you to feel prepared for your trip! 

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