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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Something that a lot of people don't realize is how much fun you can have outside of the parks at Walt Disney World! There are so many incredible experiences to be had around property and one of those can be found at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. I vaguely remember going to this show when I was little but it had been so long that I forgot much more than the fact that I'd gone & loved it - so I wanted to remember why & booked our reservation at the Hoop Dee Doo Review! This is what I am going to say... if you want to smile non-stop for 2 hours until your face hurts and your heart is filled with joy, GO!

They recommend you get to the Campgrounds to check in at least 30 minutes before the show begins. Don't worry, though, there will be plenty for you to do while you wait to be let into the dining hall! Right next door, there's a big horse corral (where we also spotted some adorable bunnies hopping around), walking trails, and a photographer ready to take your picture. It's one of my favorite resorts, so I promise you'll have lots to take in while you pass the time!

The inside of the dining hall makes you feel like you've been transported back to the good ol' days out West and instantly sets the "down home, welcome all" mood! I do want to pause here to mention seating, as there are 3 different categories to choose from when you make your reservation. Avoid category 3 - those seats are high up on the balcony and kind of make it tough to see. Category 2 is what we had booked since we did it so last minute . While these seats are down on the floor, they're located towards the back of the hall and don't really put you "in" the experience, though you do feel more involved than if you were up high. Category 1 is what they bumped us up to since it was Glenn's birthday and I'm sooo thankful they did! The cast comes out and interacts with guests a lot in Category 1 and it really adds an extra level of fun!

Now let's talk food!!! Because our family loves us some good food and if it doesn't measure up we'll be the ones to let you know! Right after you're seated, your server (ohmygosh they're so much fun) will bring you the best dang corn bread you've ever tasted! Did our server have to bring us another loaf? Why yes, yes he did! I also tried the White Sangria (included with your meal) and it was also the best sangria I've ever tasted. Worth noting- since visiting I've heard many others agree with me when they say they definitely grabbed refills! The actual dinner is a set all-you-can-eat menu and it's all great! Fried chicken, ribs, mac & cheese, baked beans, sweet corn, and mashed potatoes - oh my! While we were pretty stuffed, we couldn't pass up the dessert course of strawberry shortcake from Ma's Kitchen! And you guessed it -!

The show itself, as I mentioned above, is such a great time! The cast is so fun and does such a fantastic job of involving the audience. They do performances on stage, in the crowds, and with the guests. Their singing, dancing, piano + banjo are all amazing! They even have apportion all about the kiddos and, as you can tell, us adults got into it too! The kids get to play along, dance around with their bandanas, and sing! The level of interaction in the show makes it impossible not to have the best time, and it really is such a feel-good show!

We planned this dinner on the day we arrived to kick off the magic of our trip! We checked in to our resort at 3, dropped our bags off at the room, and headed over to the campgrounds. If I have any suggestions, I'd totally recommend doing it this way! Like I said, the show puts you in such a great mood and really just sets the tone for the fun you're about to have on your trip! If you're not able to book this the first night of your stay- seriously no worries! We loved doing it this way but I can guarantee whenever you go, you'll have a yee-haw of a time!

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