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Monday, April 9, 2018

When people are planning to visit WDW one of my must-make-reservations is to eat inside the Beauty & the Beast castle at the Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom!!! Trust me when I say, this is a tough one to get reservations for. Because of that, my number one suggestion would be to book your dining reservation here as soon as you can after getting your tickets (you can make dining reservations as far as 180 days out)!

I was lucky enough to visit with my family not long after it first opened, in late 2012, and was so swept away by the experience that I had been trying to take Glenn ever since we met (beginning of 2013)! But our trips to Disney would be on a whim and never well planned out (pre-child of course, haha) and so when we tried to make a reservation a month or two out, they'd always be booked! Finally, in 2016 we got a table and that's when these pictures are from. **Including that info to both show how important making a reservation ahead of time is and because the food items in the pictures may have changed a bit since they were taken.

The castle can be seen in the distance when you are in the Fantasyland section of the park, and it looks incredibly accurate! The details, of course, carry through the entire experience, from the gargoyle lamp posts lining the path as you walk up, to the talking knights that guard the halls before you're seated, to 3 themed rooms for dining. Room 1 - The Grand Ballroom, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a snowy scene in the windows. Room 2 - The West Wing, housing the coolest rose with actual falling petals! Room 3 - The Castle Gallery, with Belle's private library and a life-sized music box carving rumored to be given to the happy couple as a wedding gift from Belle's father.

They have options for breakfast (8-10:30), lunch (11-2:30), and dinner (4-10). Breakfast and lunch are quick service options, where you order from a touch screen as you enter the castle, whereas dinner (until July 26) is a sit down style with items ordered a la carte. Beginning on July 27th, dinner guests will be treated to a 3 course meal and, honestly, I'm so glad they're doing this! When we went, we wanted the full experience (and to try all of the delicious food of course) so we ordered the meat + cheese plate for an appetizer, our main dishes, and dessert and it cost more than this new 3 course option does so - great choice on Disney's part! 

**If you are using the Dining Plan, this new dinner option will count as 2 table-service meals

And as if the dining experience wasn't enough, there is a photo opportunity with the Beast himself as you are leaving the castle! From my knowledge, there is no other place to get a photo with him (though he can be seen in some of the parades), so this is an extra special perk to dining here! I can promise you that my love for Beauty & the Beast doesn't even make me biased - this is one of the best eating experiences in the parks!

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